Fail: honey roasted peanuts

Since I perfected my candied pecan recipe I decided to venture into other nuts that I can coat for awesome snacks and easy gifts. I found a recipe online for honey roasted peanuts and got to work. The recipe clearly stated that I need RAW peanuts and a pound of them. Easy right? Nope. I couldn’t find any peanuts that weren’t at least “slightly roasted and salted” so I bought the big bag of peanuts, raw and in the shell. It’s not as though cracking shells is a hard task, so I got down to it. 3 hours later…. yes 3 HOURS were spent cracking shells and peeling the skins off the peanuts. I have to follow recipes exactly my first time around, so I endured. Once the final product was done I had in my hands- a gloopy mess and a blister from my hard work shelling peanuts. I have never messed up something seemingly so easy. If anyone happens to know what the hell went wrong I would LOVE to know. I just can’t figure it out. I will try again, but not soon, and not with raw peanuts 🥜

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