DIY: Margarita Body Scrub (great for hands, feet and face)

I’ve never been one to care about beauty. I don’t wear makeup very often and if I had to do a cat eye I’d probably lose my eyeball in the process. Makeup and beauty products just aren’t my thing. I can appreciate others dedication and I love seeing over the top beautiful makeup (especially around…

Recipe: Summer Squash and Cheddar Casserole

I love squash! Any kind, and any day. This cheesy casserole is a comfort food that is quick and easy. Bring this to a pot luck and be the hit of the party!

DIY – Creative Cooking Utensils

Originally posted on Mrs. Twinkle:
It’s Mr. T’s Birthday! Mr. T’s loves to cook (well that is, when he’s not biking) and because he has been very busy lately, creating delicious dinners, it’s taken a toll on our casserole pan (my pressie). While I was looking for something to cook for his Birthday dinner, the kids got busy…

Fail: honey roasted peanuts

Since I perfected my candied pecan recipe I decided to venture into other nuts that I can coat for awesome snacks and easy gifts. I found a recipe online for honey roasted peanuts and got to work. The recipe clearly stated that I need RAW peanuts and a pound of them. Easy right? Nope. I…

Recipe: Candied Pecans

Seriously the easiest recipe in the entire world that will have you wondering “Why the hell would anyone eat store-bought?”

Recipe: Banana Cream Pie

For me, banana cream pie is a dessert that brings happy childhood memories. I’ve tried numerous different recipes and experimented for years before I came up with something that competes with my mother’s. This recipe uses artificially flavored banana pudding, which I absolutely adore.